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I14 is the first “official” release of GOINGSIDE. Recorded/ mastered/ produced/ younameit and released in the last quarter of 2014.

My approach and goal was to tape 5 nearly written songs in 5 days with my good friend Rob (check him out Robenz and RB Sounddesign), who records/ produces/ masters/ kicksmeintheassforplayinginmybullshitkindofway, in the best possible way, and always in consideration of a certain amount of time: 5 weekdays from about 9 to about 5. There is no other way I can and want to take the time, and afford it;)

In the end, I think there were 4 songs with recorded guitars and we decided during the third or fourth day to concentrate on 3. I recorded all guitars and all the bass. Rob also plays drums and instead of programming the songs he sat in his studio and smashed the shit on the harddisk.

Hey, and I am really proud of it. I can say, that these songs are no longer in the back of my head. Whooohaaa.

I recorded mainly with a Fender Blacktop Jaguar and second with a Fender Baja Telecaster. The Jaguar with a “special” (i don’t know how its called) B-Tuning. The Tele in standard-tuning. The bass is a cheap something.

We recorded without an amp directly in Cubase. This seemed the fastest was, because I don’t have a decent amp but had a quite good vision of the sound. So we used Guitar Rig and an simulation of an Orange and a Vox amp, I think.

So, that’s all I remember for now. If you have questions or comments, feel free…


Check out my shitty videoteaser, haha. If you can and want to do it better: CONTACT ME!