Hi, my name is Daniel.

I’m making music. The music I’m making myself and not with the band, I like to call GOINGSIDE. In the past years things were “a little” sleepy (oh hell…), but recently I am musically more alive again, recording those old ideas properly at first. Just to get these things out in a good quality, so my inner self wouldn’t come up every other day to remind me that things (musically;) aren’t done yet.

And there are quite a few ideas laying around. On paper. As files on my disk. As humming on my phone. So I set a goal at the end of 2014 to record 3 (in letters: T H R E E) songs every quarter of the year. And fuck man, this is quite a task. The first Quarter: check, read and listen here. Second: Bullshit. Soon. Read more here. Recording is done, but as soon…

Ok, fuck that. Things are going the way they are going. I don’t want to bother you. Listen to the songs. Like them or not – I don’t care. They are mine. For me and my soul.

If you do like them, tell someone. If not, tell everyone, haha.

I’ll try to document more on all things musically here. I will try. Seriously. For about the 10.000th time:) So…



Ah, by the way: I’m german, so don’t care about all the…   words :)

coming soon

came a little while ago